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How Can Counselling Help You?

A counsellor is someone trainned to listen to you in a non-judgemental and respectful way. He or she will listen carefully, gain understanding of your issues and strategise how to help your resolve your difficulties.

A counsellor does not hand out advice, they work with you on the understanding that you know what is best for you. A counsellor does not expect you to have the answers but is trained to help you find them and resolve your issues in a healthy and safe environment.

Counselling can be difficult and sometimes upsetting, it can also be empowering and strengthening. Seeing a counsellor does not mean that you are failing in life, in fact it is a brave healthy step to take and means you are moving towards the goals you want in your life.

Anything from a small to large issues can be discussed with a counsellor, and it is often more helpful to discuss your issues with a neutral person such as a counsellor than a friend or family member.

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