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How do I choose the right counsellor?

There are a lot of counsellors and therapists in Auckland, but how do you know if you’ve found a counsellor who is right for you?

A good start is to ask a potential counsellor some questions about their experience and approach to counselling. A professional counsellor will welcome your inquiries and be happy to answer your questions.

Below are a few questions it is suggested you ask your potential counsellor to know if they are right counsellor for you:

What’s the counsellor’s philosophy and approach to counselling?
Most counsellors are trainned in a particular school of counselling and they will be able to to explain to you, that school's approach to therapy. While they explain their phillosophy see how the explanation sits with you, does it sound compassionate, optimistic, holistic, and safe.

Can the counselor clearly explain what their approach would be to the particular concern you have?
Professional counselors should be able to briefly explain to you the method they may use to help with your concern. They may require some details over the phone or in a consultation, and their course of action may change during your time in counselling as your needs are uncovered, but they should be able to provide you with a basic proceedure in your initial conversations.

Does the counselor recieve regular reviews from within the industry?
This is a standard practice for a professional counsellor, to recieve regular peer reviews in the form of counselloing with a trainned professional. This allows the counsellor to recieve feedback, to debrief, to receive advice, to review their protocols, to improve their services and to protect their own mental health. Peer reviews provide a counsellor with a necessary objective sounding board objectivity to ensure their service remains professional and beneficial to their clients.



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