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Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety can can come in many forms, such as fear, repetitive negative thoughts and discomfort in the body.

Although some anxiety is a normal human response to stress, when the anxiety isnt managed successfully it can result in constant feelings of worry and stress, increased heartbeat, feeling unable to cope, repetitive negative feelings, avoiding situations that cause stress, sleeplessness, irrational behaviours, and even agression.

If you are feeling; Confusion, Trembling, Sweating, Faintness/dizziness, Rapid heartbeat, Difficulty breathing, Upset stomach or nausea, Restlessness, Avoidance behaviour, or Irritability, it is possible you are suffering from anxiety.

Real life counselling can assist with the treatment and management of anxiety, to help sufferers, take control of their anxiety levels and more effectivly process the triggers that cause anxiety.

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